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Choppa Tee - Momma Said

Memphis, Tennessee rapper Choppa Tee delivers visuals for "Momma Said" shot by @Mello_Vision. As we've expanded our listening library beyond our typical rotation, Memphis artists have become some of our favorites. Distinct deliveries and consistent collaborations between artists in the area are just a couple of things that have really stuck with us, and the loyal following and support that the area gives its artists are rare and refreshing.

We have already had a few talented artists make their initial appearance on our website today, and the latest Nolazine debut is coming from a Music Artist that goes by Choppa Tee who just released a dope new music video titled "Momma Said". Although we really didn't know to much about Choppa Tee before this song but it didn’t take us more than a few seconds into the song to realize that Choppa Tee had some serious talent, she has a dope rap flow and clearly has mastered the ability on how to craft a pleasing record together. This song has some great transitions in between each hook, it flowed together seamlessly and it made for a great all-around music video, it’s a must-listen in our book. Take some time out of your Tuesday to watch this new video via Youtube, who knows, you might discover your favorite new artist in the process.


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