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Buffalo, New York Rapper Jrey Cash Delivers " I Just Want The Pape"

Buffalo, New York rapper Jrey Cash delivers visuals for "I Just Want The Pape". It seems like almost every day, a new artist emerges from the vibrant New York music scene, so it's becoming somewhat expected. While many of these acts are associated with the gritty urban landscapes of their city or create hardcore trap music, it can be quite surprising when an artist like Jrey Cash starts to carve out his niche. His sound stands apart from the rest in New York, and although we're relatively new to his music, it's clear that he embraces this uniqueness and leverages it to propel himself into the spotlight, a place he undeniably deserves.

Jrey Cash is undoubtedly one of the many hidden treasures that New York has to offer, and today, he's making his debut on NOLAZINE with the release of his fresh music video for "I Just Want The Pape." From the moment we first heard Jrey Cash's music, his talent and potential were evident. One of the initial things that caught our attention is his charismatic style of rapping, something you don't come across every day. The remarkable part is that he has since evolved and improved as an artist.

Take a few minutes out of your Tuesday to watch this brand-new visual below, and if you appreciate Jrey Cash's music, stay updated on his future releases by following him on Instagram: @JREYCASH

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