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Remembering Desmone Jerome AKA BTY YoungN: A Tragic End to a Rising Star

In the vibrant and competitive world of hip-hop, where voices from diverse backgrounds strive to make themselves heard, BTY YoungN emerged as a promising rapper who briefly shone under Birdman's Rich Gang imprint. With mixtapes like "I Ain't Sorry for the Wait" in 2016, BTY YoungN, known by his real name, made a mark in the rap scene before his untimely death at a gas station in the Hollygrove area of New Orleans, Louisiana, in April 2017.

Before Fame:

BTY YoungN's journey in music was grounded in his roots. He graduated from Riverdale High School in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, reflecting the importance of his local community in shaping his identity. His early years were marked by a determination to overcome challenges, which later became a driving force in his musical career.

Tragic End to a Promising Career:

Despite the recognition and Breakout Artist of the Year title at the 2016 NOLA Music Awards, BTY YoungN's life was cut short in a tragic incident at a gas station in Hollygrove, New Orleans. The circumstances surrounding his death left the hip-hop community in shock, mourning the loss of a talent with a promising future.

Legacy and Contributions:

BTY YoungN, also known as "Breakthrough Artist" of 2016, had made significant strides in the hip-hop scene. He began by featuring on Juvenile tracks, a pivotal moment that fueled his passion for pursuing a career in hip-hop. Despite a history of legal troubles, including drug and weapons charges, BTY YoungN was determined to leave his mark in the music industry. His releases, like the mixtape "I Ain't Sorry for the Wait" and the album "Cut the Check" with Hollygrove Keem and Jay Jones, showcased his lyrical prowess and commitment to his craft.

A Glimpse into His Struggles:

BTY YoungN's life was not without challenges, and he openly shared his journey, including surviving a shooting at the age of 16 and spending over three years in jail on a second-degree murder charge. These experiences shaped his perspective and added layers of authenticity to his music. Despite facing adversity, BTY YoungN remained resolute in his pursuit of a successful hip-hop career.

Homage and Remembrance:

BTY YoungN's association with Birdman's Rich Gang and the acknowledgment from fellow artists showcased the impact he had within the hip-hop community. Birdman paid homage to the late rapper, emphasizing the significance of BTY YoungN's contribution to the music scene. The void left by his untimely death serves as a reminder of the fragility of life and the resilience of those who strive to make a name for themselves despite facing obstacles.


BTY YoungN's story is one of talent, resilience, and an unfortunate end to a rising star. His legacy lives on through his music and the impact he made on the hip-hop community. As the industry reflects on the loss of this promising artist, his contributions will be remembered, and his memory will endure in the hearts of those who admired his work. BTY YoungN, also known as the Breakthrough Artist of 2016, may no longer be with us, but his brief yet impactful presence in the world of hip-hop will not be forgotten.

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