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Bryan "Baby" Williams (1992)

Bryan "Birdman" Williams, born in the 3rd Ward of New Orleans, LA, initially ventured into sports but later shifted to hustling during his early teenage years. Fueled by a profound passion for cars, jewelry, and fashion, he remarkably amassed a collection of seven cars by the age of 16.

Contrary to stereotypes about rappers, Baby, as he was known, lived the lifestyle he portrayed in his lyrics, becoming a prominent figure in the streets. Driven by an unparalleled work ethic and relentless determination, he, alongside Slim, laid the groundwork for Cash Money Records in 1991. Before adopting the moniker Birdman, he was recognized as B32, having released an album titled "I Need a Bag of Dope." Despite not conforming to the traditional rapper image, Baby garnered attention for his exceptional gift of gab and became known for his prowess in trash-talking. The moniker "Stunna" epitomized his persona, showcasing a luxurious lifestyle even before achieving rap success.

Beyond his tales of opulence, Baby was reputed for his generosity. He frequently exhibited acts of kindness, often covering club entry fees for those waiting in line. His reputation extended beyond material success, acknowledging him as a fundamentally good-hearted person.

His unparalleled dedication and tireless work ethic played a pivotal role in establishing one of the most triumphant record labels in the music industry. A salute to the legacy of Baby, a man whose contributions have shaped the landscape of modern rap culture.

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