Brooklyn Park, MN Native 7AE Shows Off New Orleans, LA Culture Doing Mardi Gras With "Bounce Back"

Brooklyn Park, MN native 7AE shows off New Orleans, LA Culture doing Mardi Gras with music video "Bounce Back" directed by Earnest Steed & Blake "Blizzy" Robinson. There are certain music artists in this world who have an undeniable light and calling over their lives. There’s really no way to measure or quantify it, but it is extremely evident that some artists possess a specific amount of grace and talent that could only be given by God himself. If you’ve never crossed paths with someone like that, then we're here to introduce you to one. Out of all of the conversations we've had with artists, not many have left us feeling encouraged and edified the way today did.

7AE is singer/songwriter from Brooklyn Park, MN who isn’t making it onto our blog just for this one song, but for also the incredible singer he is. We stumbled on his music a little earlier this year by his management Loyalty Club Sound. His brand new song “Bounce Back”, sonically represents the traditional New Orleans Bounce Sound. It’s not every day you hear an artist sing with the amount of conviction 7AE sings with, so it was only right in our eyes to write this article about this rising artist.

Through his lyrical delivery and vocal bliss, the Brooklyn Park, MN talent creates an ambience that will put your mind at ease and open your heart to any emotion you may be suppressing. “Bounce Back" is a triumph and it perfectly represents that New Orleans True Culture.

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