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Bossmane Menace Drops "Turn The City"

Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Bossmane Menace drops music video for "Turn The City". As we continue to closely observe the flourishing music scene in Louisiana, we continually unearth incredible artists who are making a significant impact in the state. Typically, our introduction to such artists occurs through collaborations with fellow rappers on tracks, but we've been making a concerted effort to explore various platforms to discover fresh talents. Recently, we had the pleasure of connecting with a music artist who goes by the name of Bossmane Menace, and he's certainly not a newcomer for those who have been keeping a keen eye on the scene.

Upon listening to his track "Turn The City," it becomes evident that Bossmane Menace has ample room for growth as an artist. However, his talents are already abundant, and his potential appears to be higher than that of most emerging artists you can think of. What sets him apart is the diversity in his voice compared to his peers in Louisiana. It possesses a slightly melodic and tuneful quality, standing out with a unique Drill style that distinguishes him from his fellow Louisiana artists.

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