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Blizzy: The Rhythm of Success, From Drumming to Fashion Entrepreneurship

Photography By Gino Suvino-Vinatieri

New Orleans, Louisiana native Blake "Blizzy" Robinson, a seasoned professional drummer renowned for his performances alongside G-Eazy, traces his journey from Louisiana roots to the pinnacle of the music industry, while concurrently carving a path in the world of fashion with "The Loyalty Club."

Blizzy's rhythmic odyssey began in his early years in Louisiana, where his passion for drumming ignited. A prodigious talent, he began honing his skills at a tender age and swiftly found himself playing drums at his local church by the age of six. This early exposure laid the groundwork for what would become a remarkable musical career.

The turning point arrived in 2011-2012 when Blizzy stepped into the role of a professional drummer for G Eazy. This significant milestone not only elevated his musical career but also opened doors to travel the world and gain diverse experiences, enriching his musical repertoire and offering a global perspective.

Beyond the beat of the drum, Blizzy ventured into the realm of fashion with "Sloppy Seconds," which later evolved into the impactful brand known today as "The Loyalty Club." Emphasizing the core value of loyalty within their crew, the brand encapsulates a sense of unity and commitment, resonating with fans worldwide.

However, navigating the fashion industry hasn't been without its challenges. Blizzy faces the arduous task of managing stock, establishing a flagship store, and recruiting trustworthy staff, all integral components in expanding and sustaining the brand's growth.

Despite the challenges, Blizzy remains undeterred. Balancing his commitments to drumming alongside G Eazy and teaching drum lessons at his church's summer camp, he continues to envision a future where "The Loyalty Club" expands its footprint and influence in the fashion industry.

Blizzy's dedication to both music and fashion embodies a multi-faceted entrepreneurial spirit. His story serves as an inspiration, demonstrating how unwavering dedication, talent, and a strong sense of loyalty can pave the way for success in diverse creative ventures.

As Blizzy continues to drum to the beat of his passion and expand the horizons of "The Loyalty Club," his journey stands as a testament to the pursuit of excellence across multiple artistic domains.


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