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Big Indo X Sundae Drops "We Outside"

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, music collaborators Big Indo and Sundae unveil their latest music video for "We Outside." The moniker "We Outside" is apt for this fresh hit, and upon our initial listening, our instincts were confirmed. While their styles stand apart, it's the midway pivot that truly imbues this track with its dynamic and awe-inspiring essence. The production marries cheerful keys with a breezy symphony of synths, a relaxed and upbeat percussion, and drums that pack a punch without overwhelming. This sonic backdrop serves as the canvas upon which both their voices shine, painting a vivid auditory picture from the inception to the very last second of the record.

Today marks our entry into the enthusiastic fanbase of Big Indo and Sundae, solidified upon experiencing their latest single. We're confident this newfound admiration will be mutual, as they discover NOLAZINE through this article. Their distinct capacity to effortlessly switch styles and present themselves in diverse manners, adapting to the mood of the composition they craft, sets them apart. A happenstance discovery of a song on the internet led us to this gem, and it was an inevitable pairing that manifested. Listening to the track, we were keenly aware of the abundant talent both artists bring to the table, fostering confidence that not only would they successfully orchestrate this piece but also elevate it to brilliance.

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