Atlanta, Georgia Native Tori Tana Drops "Treasure"

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Atlanta, Georgia native Tori Tana drops his latest music video titled, “Treasure” Shot by Launch Team. This video holds lots of punchy lyricism over crisp production that features a beautiful harp. There’s a lot of music that circulates but this track really stuck out to us due to its originality.

Over the past few months or so we have had multiple artists making their debut here onto NOLAZINE, and this evening we have a creative music artist by the name of Tori Tana who is making his initial appearance on our website with his brand new video titled "Treasure". We didn’t know what to expect coming into this release considering that this was our first time listening to Tori Tana, but it didn’t take long before we found ourself nodding along to the fantastic beat, and only getting more impressed as Tori Tana slowly but surely started building up with his verse going into an unforgettable hook. This is one of those songs that gets better with each time you play it, it’s severely addicting and the hook is good enough to grab anybody’s ear, we wouldn’t be surprised if Tori Tana is on radio stations worldwide in the next few years.

Watch to this latest video below and if you enjoy it, hit up your favorite playlist submission and send it to them!


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