Atlanta, GA R&B Artist Daffini Releases Visuals For "More Than Sexual"

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Atlanta, Georgia R&B Artist Daffini releases highly anticipated music video titled “More Than Sexual”. There aren’t many artists that truly just leave us speechless, but last week we found one that did just that. "More Than Sexual" by Daffini is a track thats going to be on your daily rotation for sometime now. We stumbled upon the song through word of mouth and we owe everything to the person who showed us this one. We had never heard of Daffini before, but now we are so glad we're now hip to the utter genius and creativity that this artist possess.

The whole entire song is just a vibe that’s impossible to not sing along to. The melodies and harmonizations are borderline professional. The subtle aspects that Daffini integrates into this one are so important when it comes to the fullness of the track. We're not lonely whatsoever, but after hearing Daffini sing about this feeling, we can somehow relate. The upside of this star in the making is ridiculous and we're so excited to see what she does in the future.


* Written by: Justin “JC” Crowder

* Produced by: Marcus Askew

* Directed by: Dash TV

* Styled by Fiskani (Atlanta, GA)

* Mixed/Mastered by: J Minor

* Label: House of Dabby’s

* Recorded at: JC’s Living Room (Atlanta, GA)

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