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Ash2Heavy - FU

Chicago, Illinois rapper Ash2Heavy releases visuals for "FU". Every day, it seems like a new artist is carving out their space in the dynamic Chicago music scene—a trend that has become increasingly familiar. Amidst many artists associated with the gritty facets of the city or crafting intense, hardcore rap, Ash2Heavy emerges as a distinctive presence, staking her claim. Her sonic identity deviates from the Chicago norm, and although we're still getting acquainted with her music, it's clear she embraces this uniqueness, propelling herself into the spotlight—a position she undoubtedly deserves.

Ash2Heavy stands as an undeniable hidden gem in Chicago, making her debut on NOLAZINE today with the release of her latest music video, "FU." From our initial exposure to Ash2Heavy's music, her abundant talent and potential were evident. Her charismatic delivery, a standout quality not encountered every day, has only grown more refined since our first encounter. Take a few moments this Sunday to immerse yourself in this fresh visual, and if Ash2Heavy's music resonates with you, stay tuned for her upcoming releases by following her on Instagram.


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