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Amarilis - Know It

Brooklyn, New York native Amarilis releases visuals for "Know It" shot by Half Pint Filmz. Today marks an exhilarating moment as we direct our focus toward a yet-to-be-discovered talent originating from the bustling state of New York. Amarilis emerges as a dynamic newcomer on the NOLAZINE stage, showcasing her impactful debut track, "Know It."

Spanning slightly over two minutes, "Know It" erupts with fervor, showcasing Amarilis's charisma prominently against a backdrop of electrifying, high-energy production. She unmistakably stands out amidst New York's diverse pool of skilled musicians. Today, she graces our platform once again, unveiling the fresh music video for her track, "Know It."

Upon the initial encounter with Amarilis's music, her immense talent and promising future shine through. What instantly captivates is her magnetic rap style, setting her apart within the musical landscape. Even more noteworthy is her consistent growth and evolution as an artist.

Take a moment this Wednesday to immerse yourself in this thrilling visual journey. If Amarilis's music strikes a chord with you, anticipate her forthcoming releases by connecting with her on Instagram. This signifies just the inception of an exciting expedition for this remarkably talented artist.

Connect with Amarilis on Instagram: @OFFICIALAMARILIS

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