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Alabama Music Artist Angel Bean Releases "Money B***H"

Buzzing Alabama music artist Angel Bean releases music video for "Money B***H" featuring Tink Da Don. Today, we're thrilled to introduce Angel Bean's debut on our website with this incredible and exclusive visual release.

There comes a moment when you listen to a new artist and realize the immense impact they will have and the authenticity of their intentions. Merely immersing yourself in their music gives you a glimpse into their passion, influences, and deep love for the art they create. This profound connection with artists is rare, but when it happens, it becomes impossible to ignore. This brings us to our latest discovery and the subject of this post: Angel Bean. While we may not know much about this exceptionally talented Hip Hop artist, one thing is undeniable - Angel Bean is an artist worthy of your utmost attention. Her latest single, "Money B***H," serves as a striking testament to her artistry, making it essential for you to acquaint yourself with her work.


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