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16-Year-Old Glockianna Releases Music Video For "Living Life"

16-Year-Old Memphis, Tennessee music artist Glockianna releases music video for "Living Life". Tennessee has been a breeding ground for numerous globally renowned music artists, making it quite a challenge to keep track of all the talent that has emerged from the state. Even within the local scene in Memphis, there has been a thriving musical renaissance over the past few years. While not every artist may achieve international stardom, there's a wealth of emcees who proudly represent Memphis, eliciting hometown pride among fans.

Among these talented music artists, Glockianna stands out as a noteworthy talent hailing from the city of Memphis. Today, she marks her debut appearance on NOLAZINE with the release of her brand-new music video for "Living Life." From the very first moment we encountered Glockianna's music, her abundance of talent and potential were evident. One of the initial standout qualities was her charismatic style of rapping, a rarity in the music landscape. What's even more remarkable is her growth as an artist since then.

Take a few minutes out of your Sunday to indulge in this fresh visual experience below, and if you appreciate Glockianna's music, stay updated on her future releases by following her on Instagram.

Instagram: @GLOCKKII

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